About Us

The Boston Beara Society was established in 1995 to promote and celebrate the history, art and music of the Beara Peninsula and the achievements of its people in Ireland and the USA.

The Boston Beara Society has adopted as its logo an image of the Chailleach Béara, the mythological figure whose petrified remains may still be seen in Kilcatherine in the parish of Eyeries.

The Chailleach is featured in several Irish poems, including Pádraig Pearce’s “Mise Éire”.

Mise Éire
Sine mé ná an Chailleach Béara
Mór mo glór
Mé do rug Cúchullainn cróga
Mór mo náir
Mo chlann fein do dheil a mháthair
Mise Éire
Uaigni mé ná an Chailleach Bhéara

I am Ireland
I am older than the Old Woman of Beara
Great is my glory
I that bore Cu Chulainn the valiant
Great is my shame
My own children sold their mother
I am Ireland
I am lonelier than the Old Woman of Beara
Boston Beara Society Committee
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